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The God Who Speaks Pt.2
Hayden Patterson

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Title Category Speaker Date Listen
The God Who Speaks Pt.2 Theology Hayden Patterson 13/10/2019 mp3
The God Who Speaks Theology Hayden Patterson 6/10/2019 mp3
The God Who Speaks Discipleship Jono Wesley 29/9/2019 mp3
The God Who Speaks Theology Jono Wesley 22/9/2019 mp3
Nahum 1:1-15 Christian Living Jono Wesley 15/9/2019 mp3
Zephaniah 2:14 - 3 Christian Living Hayden Patterson 8/9/2019 mp3
Zephaniah 1:1-2-3 Christian Living Hayden Patterson 1/9/2019 mp3
Galatians 6 New Testament Jono Wesley 25/8/2019 mp3
Galatians 5:1-26 New Testament Hayden Patterson 18/8/2019 mp3
Galatians 3:26-4:31 New Testament Jono Wesley 11/8/2019 mp3
Galatians 3: 1-25 Christian Living Jono Wesley 4/8/2019 mp3
Jesus Our Shepherd - Patterson Induction Christian Living Damon Sokolowski 28/7/2019 mp3
Ephesians 5:1-14 Christian Living BEN COBUSSEN 21/7/2019 mp3
Galatians 2:11-21 Christian Living Jono Wesley 14/7/2019 mp3
Galatians 2:1-10 New Testament Jono Wesley 7/7/2019 mp3
Galatians 1:10-24 New Testament Jono Wesley 30/6/2019 mp3
Do you know the Gospel? Christian Living Jono Wesley 23/6/2019 mp3
1 Kings 22 Old Testament Jono Wesley 16/6/2019 mp3
1 Kings 21 Christian Living Jono Wesley 9/6/2019 mp3
Do we bring Glory to God? Christian Living Jordan Vermeulen 2/6/2019 mp3
Luke 11:1-13 Christian Living John Sojka 26/5/2019 mp3
1 Kings 20 Old Testament Jono Wesley 19/5/2019 mp3
Grace Alone Christian Living Jono Wesley 12/5/2019 mp3
1 Kings 18 Old Testament Jono Wesley 5/5/2019 mp3
Psalm 27 Psalms Jordan Vermeulen 28/4/2019 mp3
Resurrection Sunday Christian Living Jono Wesley 21/4/2019 mp3
Good Friday Christian Living Jono Wesley 19/4/2019 mp3
Hebrews 4:14-16 New Testament Hayden Patterson 14/4/2019 mp3
1 Kings 17:1-24 Old Testament Jono Wesley 7/4/2019 mp3
1 Kings 12:1-14:20 Christian Living Jono Wesley 24/3/2019 mp3
1 Kings 11 Christian Living Jono Wesley 17/3/2019 mp3
1 Kings 10 Christian Living Jono Wesley 10/3/2019 mp3
Faith Christian Living Russel Pol 24/2/2019 mp3
Faithful God Forgiven People Christian Living Jono Wesley 17/2/2019 mp3
1 Kings 3-4 Old Testament Jono Wesley 10/2/2019 mp3
1 Kings 1-2:46 Old Testament Jono Wesley 3/2/2019 mp3
Psalm 25 Psalms Jono Wesley 20/1/2019 mp3
Psalm 24 Psalms Jono Wesley 13/1/2019 mp3
Psalm 23 Christian Living Jeremiah Peters 6/1/2019 mp3
What will God do through you in 2019 Christian Living Jono Wesley 30/12/2018 mp3
Christmas Day 2018 Christian Living Jono Wesley 25/12/2018 mp3
23rd December 2018 Jono Christian Living Jono Wesley 23/12/2018 mp3
1 Timothy 2: 1-7 Christian Living Len Handasyde 16/12/2018 mp3
Guarantee of The Holy Spirit Christian Living Jono Wesley 9/12/2018 mp3
Loving the Churches through faith and the Spirit Christian Living Jono Wesley 2/12/2018 mp3
Sanctification by the Spirit Christian Living Jono Wesley 25/11/2018 mp3
Gifts of the Spirit Spiritual Gifts Jono Wesley 18/11/2018 mp3
Holy Spirit Christian Living Jono Wesley 11/11/2018 mp3
Responding to Hardship Christian Living Russel Pol 4/11/2018 mp3
The Holy Spirit and Pentecost Christian Living Jono Wesley 28/10/2018 mp3
The Holy Spirit Christian Living Jono Wesley 21/10/2018 mp3
Holy Spirit Psalm 23 Christian Living Jono Wesley 14/10/2018 mp3
Romans 8 Holy Spirit Christian Living Jono Wesley 7/10/2018 mp3
God makes dry bones come alive through the Spirit Christian Living Jono Wesley 30/9/2018 mp3
Gideons Presentation Christian Living David Foong 23/9/2018 mp3
Holy Spirit of God what he does Spiritual Gifts Jono Wesley 16/9/2018 mp3
Phillipians 1:27-2:11 Christian Living Jason Bresanello 9/9/2018 mp3
Is the Holy Spirit really God? Christian Living Jono Wesley 2/9/2018 mp3
Holy Spirit Christian Living Jono Wesley 26/8/2018 mp3
What is fair? Fair or Unfair Christian Living BEN COBUSSEN 19/8/2018 mp3
2 Samuel 21-24 Christian Living Jono Wesley 12/8/2018 mp3
2 Samuel 18-20 Christian Living Jono Wesley 5/8/2018 mp3
2 Samuel 17:24 - 19:8 Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 29/7/2018 mp3
Romans 8:28-39 Christian Living Hayden Patterson 22/7/2018 mp3
God's mercy to send us out Christian Living Jono Wesley 15/7/2018 mp3
2 Samuel 13-14 Reconciliation Christian Living Jono Wesley 8/7/2018 mp3
Don't conceal it Christian Living Al van Zijl 1/7/2018 mp3
1 Samual 8-10 Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 24/6/2018 mp3
2 Samuel l7:1-16 Christian Living Jono Wesley 17/6/2018 mp3
2 Samuel 5:6-6:23 Christian Living Jono Wesley 10/6/2018 mp3
2 Samuel 3:1-5:5 Christian Living Michael Louwen 3/6/2018 mp3
2 Samuel 1 Christian Living Jono Wesley 27/5/2018 mp3
Ephesians 6 10-24 Christian Living Jono Wesley 20/5/2018 mp3
Discipleship of the next generation Christian Living Jordan Diaz 13/5/2018 mp3
Ephesians 6:1-9 Christian Living Jono Wesley 6/5/2018 mp3
Spirit filled living Christian Living Jono Wesley 29/4/2018 mp3
Ephesians 5:1-14 Christian Living Jono Wesley 15/4/2018 mp3
Fear of The Lord Christian Living Michael Louwen 8/4/2018 mp3
Easter Sunday 2018 Christian Living Jono Wesley 1/4/2018 mp3
Eph 2:1-5 Christian Living Jono Wesley 30/3/2018 mp3
Ephesians 4:17-5:1 Christian Living Jono Wesley 25/3/2018 mp3
Ephesians 3:1-13 Evangelism Len Handasyde 4/3/2018 mp3
Ephesians 2:11-22 Christian Living Jono Wesley 25/2/2018 mp3
Remember God's Grace Christian Living Jeremiah Peters 18/2/2018 mp3
How should we pray for the Church Christian Living Jono Wesley 11/2/2018 mp3
Psalm 22 Psalms Jono Wesley 28/1/2018 mp3
Genesis 3 Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 21/1/2018 mp3
psalm 20 Christian Living Jono Wesley 14/1/2018 mp3
Listen to the word that proclaims Jesus Christ Psalms Jono Wesley 7/1/2018 mp3
Psalm 18 Old Testament Jono Wesley 31/12/2017 mp3
Christmas sermon Christian Living Jono Wesley 25/12/2017 mp3
Gods Gift of Grace Christian Living Jono Wesley 24/12/2017 mp3
Mark 10:32-45 Apocalyptic Literature CJ Peters 17/12/2017 mp3
Jesus the King of Christmas Gospels Len Handasyde 10/12/2017 mp3
Our Last Chance Christian Living Al van Zijl 3/12/2017 mp3
Psalm 95 Psalms Don West 19/11/2017 mp3
God's discipline is God's grace Christian Living Jono Wesley 12/11/2017 mp3
God's Grace and Mercy Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 5/11/2017 mp3
Micah Christian Living Jono Wesley 29/10/2017 mp3
The story of Ninevah Christian Living Jono Wesley 22/10/2017 mp3
Gideons Evangelism Jono Wesley 15/10/2017 mp3
Jonah Old Testament Jeremiah Peters 8/10/2017 mp3
Obadiah Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 1/10/2017 mp3
He is Risen!! Apocalyptic Literature Len Handasyde 24/9/2017 mp3
Jesus is King Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 17/9/2017 mp3
Be Reliant on God Christian Living Jono Wesley 10/9/2017 mp3
How Ready are you for the coming passover? Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 3/9/2017 mp3
The next best thing is the Return Of Jesus Christ!!! Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 27/8/2017 mp3
Is Jesus your first love? Christian Living Jono Wesley 20/8/2017 mp3
Who pays your rent? New Testament Jono Wesley 13/8/2017 mp3
Jesus in Sunglasses Gospels Michael Louwen 6/8/2017 mp3
Overcome your unbelief Gospels Jono Wesley 30/7/2017 mp3
Who Do You Say I AM ? Christian Living Michael Louwen 23/7/2017 mp3
Curing Spiritual Blindness Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 9/7/2017 mp3
Integrity, A Right Heart Christian Living Michael Louwen 2/7/2017 mp3
Are you ready to say YES to Jesus? Do you really follow Him? Evangelism Jono Wesley 25/6/2017 mp3
Do you fear, believe or ignore Jesus Christian Living Jono Wesley 18/6/2017 mp3
How Does Your Seed Grow? Christian Living Michael Louwen 11/6/2017 mp3
Jesus - Power, Purpose, People Christian Living Jeremiah Peters 4/6/2017 mp3
Despair and give up or find your strength in God Christian Living Jono Wesley 21/5/2017 mp3
Value God's Annointed Christian Living Jono Wesley 14/5/2017 mp3
Refugee to Ruler Christian Living Michael Louwen 7/5/2017 mp3
leadership under God Christian Living Jono Wesley 30/4/2017 mp3
Christ is Risen!! Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 16/4/2017 mp3
Jesus Died for you and me Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 14/4/2017 mp3
The Anointing of David Old Testament Michael Louwen 9/4/2017 mp3
The True King Apocalyptic Literature Craig Sullivan 2/4/2017
The True King Old Testament Jono Wesley 2/4/2017 mp3
Rock walls, Rock climbing and extreme sports Christian Living Jono Wesley 26/3/2017 mp3
Kingship and Covenant - What/Who is your King? Discipleship Jono Wesley 19/3/2017 mp3
God hears are cries for help. & delivers us Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 12/3/2017 mp3
Rejecting Yahweh's Kingship Christian Living Michael Louwen 5/3/2017 mp3
God's Holiness - In what way have you been trying to force God to endorse what you want to do? Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 26/2/2017 mp3
Serving the Lord in purity ... Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 17/2/2017 mp3
What does Hannah's Prayer tell you about who God is? Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 12/2/2017 mp3
Hannah's Story Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 5/2/2017 mp3
Psalm 17 Christian Living Michael Louwen 29/1/2017 mp3
Who can get into Heaven? Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 15/1/2017 mp3
Does God Exist? Is He Active in this World? Evangelism Jono Wesley 8/1/2017 mp3
God's Good Plan Revealed - The Secrets Revealed Apocalyptic Literature Al van Zijl 1/1/2017 mp3
Christ is Born!! Apocalyptic Literature Don Kelso 25/12/2016 mp3
Why Does Jesus Love Us So Much Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 18/12/2016 mp3
Am I a real believer? Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 11/12/2016
The Power of God in Weakness Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 4/12/2016 mp3
Jesus's forgiveness Apocalyptic Literature Al van Zijl 27/11/2016 mp3
Do You Have the Gift of Generosity? Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 13/11/2016 mp3
How do we react when we are corrected? Christian Living Jono Wesley 6/11/2016 mp3
Reconcilliation Christian Living Jono Wesley 30/10/2016 mp3
Are You A Groaning Tent Dweller? Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 16/10/2016 mp3
Jars of Clay Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 9/10/2016 mp3
Transformed by the Spirit Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 2/10/2016 mp3
Forgiveness Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 25/9/2016 mp3
Nostonius - Eutychian Theology Jono Wesley 11/9/2016 mp3
Apollinarism - Jesus not really God or Human? Theology Jono Wesley 4/9/2016 mp3
Arus- Ananism Theology Jono Wesley 28/8/2016 mp3
Walking close to God Apocalyptic Literature Noel Smith 21/8/2016 mp3
Montanism Theology Jono Wesley 7/8/2016 mp3
Marcionism - Denying the Truthfulness of God's Word and basing your beliefs on what you think is just and right. Theology Jono Wesley 31/7/2016 mp3
Gnosticism - Is the History of Jesus True? Theology Jono Wesley 24/7/2016 mp3
Pride Christian Living Michael Louwen 17/7/2016 mp3
Docetism - Denying the Humanity of Christ Theology Jono Wesley 10/7/2016 mp3
Ebionism - Denying The Deity of Jesus Theology Jono Wesley 3/7/2016 mp3
Saved by God alone Christian Living Jono Wesley 26/6/2016 mp3
Jesus our Saviour a Jewish boy Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 19/6/2016 mp3
What Were the People of God Expecting of a Messiah? Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 12/6/2016 mp3
Waiting for the Kingdom Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 5/6/2016 mp3
The Peace of God Christian Living Michael Louwen 29/5/2016 mp3
Praying for harvesters Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 15/5/2016 mp3
The Kinsman Redeemer Christian Living Jono Wesley 8/5/2016 mp3
Wait for the Redeemer Christian Living Jono Wesley 1/5/2016 mp3
Thithing- Giving Back to God Apocalyptic Literature Noel Smith 17/4/2016 mp3
Finding Favour Christian Living Jono Wesley 10/4/2016 mp3
Am I Keen for Kindness or a Kick in the Guts? Christian Living Jono Wesley 3/4/2016 mp3
What is Your Response? Evangelism Jono Wesley 27/3/2016 mp3
Why Jesus had to die New Testament Jono Wesley 25/3/2016 mp3
God: Pure, Perfect and Holy Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 20/3/2016 mp3
What God Reveals about Himself and Ourselves New Testament Jono Wesley 13/3/2016 mp3
Jesus our Saviour!! Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 6/3/2016 mp3
Jesus our All Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 28/2/2016 mp3
Jesus Is The New Creation Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 21/2/2016 mp3
Jesus Is The Prophesied Kingdom Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 14/2/2016 mp3
Kingship Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 7/2/2016 mp3
How Long O Lord? Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 31/1/2016 mp3
Fret Not Christian Living Michael Louwen 24/1/2016 mp3
In the Lord I take refuge Christian Living Michael Louwen 17/1/2016 mp3
Where is God when Evil seems to happen Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 10/1/2016 mp3
Does Love Equal Happiness? Apocalyptic Literature Al van Zijl 27/12/2015 mp3
If God is real Where is He? Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 25/12/2015 mp3
Jesus' Birth - Our way of Living Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 20/12/2015 mp3
hebrew 3:15-19 Christian Living Jono Wesley 13/12/2015 mp3
God's law came after salvation Christian Living Jono Wesley 6/12/2015 mp3
God has done the impossible to make our salvation possible Christian Living Ewen Lin 29/11/2015 mp3
enter into the kingdom of god Wisdom Literature Jono Wesley 8/11/2015 mp3
Are you betraying Jesus? Christian Living Jono Wesley 25/10/2015 mp3
Are you ready? Christian Living Jono Wesley 18/10/2015 mp3
Jesus' Authority Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 11/10/2015 mp3
Heavenly Values Christian Living Jono Wesley 4/10/2015 mp3
Salvation - The Story of Forgiveness Evangelism Michael Louwen 27/9/2015 mp3
Three Imperatives for a Follower of Jesus Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 20/9/2015 mp3
Behind the news Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 13/9/2015 mp3
understanding the value of the kingdom Christian Living Jono Wesley 6/9/2015 mp3
There is hope Old Testament Michael Louwen 30/8/2015 mp3
God is just (Amos) Old Testament Jono Wesley 23/8/2015 mp3
How do I live my life for the Lord Christian Living Michael Louwen 16/8/2015 mp3
Do you believe God exists Christian Living Jono Wesley 9/8/2015 mp3
What does it mean to be a Deacon? Church Jono Wesley 2/8/2015 mp3
Church Leadership - Elders Church Jono Wesley 28/7/2015 mp3
Church membership Church Jono Wesley 12/7/2015 mp3
What does it mean to have the Compassion of Jesus? Church Michael Louwen 5/7/2015 mp3
What is the significance of the Old Testament Temple to the Church Today? Church Jono Wesley 28/6/2015 mp3
Jesus and the church Church Jono Wesley 21/6/2015 mp3
What is the Body of Christ Church Michael Louwen 14/6/2015 mp3
A Changed Perspective - The Blood of Jesus Christian Living Jono Wesley 7/6/2015 mp3
The Church Church Jono Wesley 31/5/2015 mp3
What Is Biblical Worship? Worship Jono Wesley 24/5/2015 mp3
What is a Church? Church Jono Wesley 17/5/2015 mp3
The gospel Evangelism Craig Sullivan 3/5/2015 mp3
Are you for Jesus or against Him Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 26/4/2015 mp3
the fall Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 19/4/2015 mp3
Jesus, The All Powerful ! Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 5/4/2015 mp3
Jesus our ultimate Hero!! Evangelism Jono Wesley 3/4/2015 mp3
Christian Motor Cycle Association Evangelism Allan Chapple 29/3/2015 mp3
22/3/2015 Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 22/3/2015 mp3
The True Love of Jesus New Testament Michael Louwen 15/3/2015 mp3
God's mercy to send us out Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 8/3/2015 mp3
Jesus Authority Gospels Jono Wesley 22/2/2015 mp3
The cost of following Jesus ~ Is it a cost or an investment? Christian Living Michael Louwen 15/2/2015 mp3
Baptism part 2 Spiritual Warfare Jono Wesley 8/2/2015 mp3
A new life or a remodeled one? Christian Living Jono Wesley 1/2/2015 mp3
Avoiding being the "victim" Psalms Michael Louwen 25/1/2015 mp3
Falsely accused? Old Testament Jono Wesley 18/1/2015 mp3
Help me Lord I am Suffering Psalms Jono Wesley 11/1/2015 mp3
Prayer and Praying Psalms Jono Wesley 4/1/2015 mp3
How did it all come to this Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 28/12/2014 mp3
Christmas message Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 25/12/2014 mp3
Sodom and Gomorrah Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 7/12/2014 mp3
Through our trust in Jesus we are blameless Old Testament Jono Wesley 16/11/2014 mp3
Is anything too hard for the Lord Counselling Michael Louwen 9/11/2014 mp3
Genuine trust in God - See Jesus in Abrahamic covenant Christian Living Jono Wesley 2/11/2014 mp3
Resisting Temptation Spiritual Warfare Jono Wesley 26/10/2014 mp3
Forgive for you have been forgiven much Christian Living Jono Wesley 19/10/2014 mp3
Jesus in Daniel Apocalyptic Literature Noel Smith 12/10/2014 mp3
The Lords Prayer: Our daily bread Christian Living Jono Wesley 5/10/2014 mp3
When Life Hurts Psalms Allan Chapple 21/9/2014 mp3
Pray your kingdom come Luke 11:1- 4 Church Jono Wesley 14/9/2014 mp3
How do you view God as you pray? Christian Living Jono Wesley 7/9/2014 mp3
Love the Lord Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 31/8/2014 mp3
1 Corinthians 16 Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 24/8/2014 mp3
Life and Death Christian Living Michael Louwen 17/8/2014 mp3
Saul and David Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 17/8/2014 mp3
1 Cor 15:1-34 Christian Living Jono Wesley 3/8/2014 mp3
You are not the only one God has reached Christian Living Jono Wesley 27/7/2014 mp3
1 Corinthians 14 Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 20/7/2014 mp3
Spirituality in Love Christian Living Jono Wesley 13/7/2014 mp3
Gifts of the Spirit Spiritual Gifts Michael Louwen 6/7/2014 mp3
Combined churches worship service John Campbell Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 29/6/2014 mp3
Do you participate in the Lord's supper appropriately Christian Living Jono Wesley 22/6/2014 mp3
Do you seek an argument with someone because of gender Christian Living Jono Wesley 15/6/2014 mp3
Do ALL to the Glory of God Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 1/6/2014 mp3
Living for Jesus Christian Living Jono Wesley 25/5/2014 mp3
Living for God Christian Living Clive Hayden 21/5/2014 mp3
How not to be a stumbling block to younger Christians Christian Living Jono Wesley 15/5/2014 mp3
1 Corinthians Christian Living Jono Wesley 4/5/2014 mp3
What does it mean for a Christian to be ready for the return of Christ Apocalyptic Literature Paul Ritchie 27/4/2014 mp3
Awesome Sunday Evangelism Jono Wesley 20/4/2014 mp3
Jesus The Sacrificial Lamb Evangelism Jono Wesley 18/4/2014 mp3
Palm Sunday Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 13/4/2014 mp3
Love your neighbour Christian Living Jono Wesley 6/4/2014 mp3
How to introduce Jesus. Evangelism Jono Wesley 23/3/2014 mp3
Evangelism Pt4 Evangelism Jono Wesley 16/3/2014
What is Christ's role in the gospel? Evangelism Don Kelso 9/3/2014 mp3
Dont be silent when you should speak Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 2/3/2014 mp3
All are called Apocalyptic Literature Michael Louwen 23/2/2014 mp3
Evangelism Pt 2 Evangelism Jono Wesley 16/2/2014 mp3
Is God my vision for my future - Evangelism Pt 1 Evangelism Jono Wesley 9/2/2014 mp3
Psalms 4 - Be Still and Know Christian Living Jono Wesley 26/1/2014 mp3
Are you giving in or looking up? Christian Living Don Kelso 19/1/2014 mp3
Honour the King Worship Don Kelso 12/1/2014 mp3
Living Christ Like Christian Living Don Kelso 5/1/2014 mp3
Listen to the Word of God and Live Christian Living Jono Wesley 29/12/2013 mp3
Why is there good news and great joy at Christmas? Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 25/12/2013 mp3
Isaiah 46 - Put none before God Christian Living Jono Wesley 22/12/2013 mp3
Matthew 11:2-11 Christian Living Don Kelso 15/12/2013 mp3
Advent- God is Jesus' father Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 8/12/2013 mp3
Who Really is in Charge Spiritual Gifts Michael Louwen 1/12/2013 mp3
old into new Christian Living Don Kelso 24/11/2013 mp3
Jesus uses His authority to heal the sick Christian Living Jono Wesley 10/11/2013 mp3
Sometimes it is difficult to do what Jesus says Christian Living Jono Wesley 3/11/2013 mp3
Matthew 7:1-12 Christian Living Jono Wesley 27/10/2013 mp3
Matthew 6: 19-34 Christian Living Don Kelso 20/10/2013 mp3
Are you devoted to God? Matthew 6:1-18 Christian Living Jono Wesley 13/10/2013 mp3
Rules? Christian Living Michael Louwen 6/10/2013 mp3
Be a Follower of Jesus Matthew 4:12-25 Christian Living Michael Louwen 29/9/2013 mp3
Temptation of Jesus Spiritual Warfare Michael Louwen 22/9/2013 mp3
Jesus the new Israel Matthew 4:1-17 Christian Living Jono Wesley 15/9/2013 mp3
Make way for King Jesus Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 8/9/2013 mp3
Born a King Christian Living Jono Wesley 1/9/2013 mp3
Praise & Worship Psalms Don Kelso 25/8/2013 mp3
Social Media Christian Living Michael Louwen 18/8/2013 mp3
Jesus is Christian Living Jono Wesley 11/8/2013 mp3
How are Non-Christians meant to know God exists? Christian Living Jono Wesley 4/8/2013 mp3
God and His People Enter Sabbath Rest Christian Living Jono Wesley 28/7/2013 mp3
Melchizedek Resembles Jesus Christ Old Testament Jono Wesley 21/7/2013 mp3
The Choices we make Christian Living Michael Louwen 14/7/2013 mp3
The Seed Christian Living Jono Wesley 7/7/2013 mp3
This life I live Christian Living Michael Louwen 30/6/2013 mp3
What or who gives value to your life? Apocalyptic Literature Jono Wesley 23/6/2013 mp3
Walking in purity Christian Living Jono Wesley 16/6/2013 mp3
Walking faithfully with God Old Testament Jono Wesley 2/6/2013 mp3
Sin, Consequences & God's grace Old Testament Don Kelso 26/5/2013 mp3
Genesis 3 Christian Living Jono Wesley 19/5/2013 mp3
Genesis 2 Christian Living Jono Wesley 12/5/2013 mp3
1 Corinthians 1:1-7 Christian Living Len Handasyde 28/4/2013 mp3
1 Corinthians 7:1-24 Christian Living Jono Wesley 21/4/2013 mp3
My body is united to Christ Christian Living Jono Wesley 14/4/2013 mp3
Judging between Christians Christian Living Jono Wesley 7/4/2013 mp3
Easter Sermon Christian Living Jono Wesley 31/3/2013 mp3
Holy living Christian Living Michael Louwen 17/3/2013 mp3
Who do you think you are? Christian Living Don Kelso 10/3/2013 mp3
Build on Jesus Christian Living Jono Wesley 3/3/2013 mp3
World day of Prayer 2013 - Love the stranger Christian Living Jono Wesley 1/3/2013 mp3
Truth, Darkness, Grace, Christ Evangelism Allan Chapple 24/2/2013 mp3
The wisdom of God revealed by His Spirit Christian Living Jono Wesley 17/2/2013 mp3
The Wisdom and Power of God Christian Living Jono Wesley 10/2/2013 mp3
Blessed are the peace makers Christian Living Michael Louwen 3/2/2013 mp3
Blessed are the pure in Heart Christian Living Michael Louwen 27/1/2013 mp3
Blessed are the merciful Christian Living Michael Louwen 20/1/2013 mp3
Longing for God Christian Living Michael Louwen 13/1/2013 mp3
Every Spiritual blessing Christian Living Don Kelso 6/1/2013 mp3
New Years Resolutions Christian Living Michael Louwen 30/12/2012 mp3
Christmas Day Christian Living Michael Louwen 25/12/2012 mp3
Christian Worldview Christian Living Michael Louwen 28/11/2012 mp3